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Development of a technology transfer centre for fruit production

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Fruit growing is a promising and rich in traditions branch of economy in Latvia and Lithuania. In fruit growing it is possible to obtain relatively large gross profit from an area unit, but this demands precise use of growing, storage and processing technologies. The major part of commercial orchards in both countries is concentrated in Programme support regions. The regions hold strong research institutions – Latvia State Institute of Fruit Growing (LSIFG) in Dobele and Institute of Horticulture, Lithuanian Research Centre for Agriculture and Forestry (LIH) in Babtai. At present neither country has developed consulting service in fruit growing.

This defines the Project objective: To provide sustainable development of fruit production in the support regions by transferring to the producers through a Technology Transfer Centre (TTC) the newest technologies developed and tested at research institutions.

To achieve this, the following sub-objectives are planned:

1. to establish mutually supple menting training bases at both institutes using their strong points, by installing training facilities & demonstration objects in orchards and laboratories;

2. to develop and prepare different informative and training materials for the target groups (fruit and berry growers, small and medium processing enterprises);

3. to begin the training process of target groups;

4. to introduce new types of services for commercial fruit growers and processing enterprises.

Two partners are involved in project implementation: LSIFG and LIH – state research institutions, which perform research aimed at the development of fruit production (from commercial orchard to innovative healthy product). Fruit science includes wide areas of research, but it is not possible to do equally deep research in all fields with the existing human resources and funding. Each institute has specialized in specific areas. By developing a joint TTC, each institute will provide target groups with information according to its compe tences. The TTC will be formed as separate sub-units of LSIFG and LIH. Its management and coordination will be done by LSIFG.

To achieve the objective of the Project, activities will be carried out in 4 work packages (WP):

WP1 Management and coordination;

WP2 Development of training and demonstration base;

WP3 Development of knowledge transfer tools;

WP4 Technology and experience transfer.

Project investments mostly concern purchase of equipment necessary for demonstrations, development of a training base. Investments will provide for the activities of TTC for many years after Project close.

The Project contribution to the support region will be: stimulation of sustainable commercial fruit growing, handing over through TTC new knowledge to the target groups. Both directly and indirectly business activities will be encouraged in the region, along with increased employment. Besides, potential consumers will be supplied with of high-quality, healthy food grown and produced in neighbourhood.

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fruittechcentre 2017-04-18 21:41:24

Stādus iegādāties varēs. Vairāk informācija http://www.lvai.lv/Stadi.html. Stādu realizācija turpinās. Tas iespējams ar projekta InnoFruit atbalstu izveidotās stādu glabātavas doto iespēju, kurā uzturot attiecīgu temperatūru notur stādus vēl nesaplaukušus.

(Latviski) Pavasara lauku diena 2017

Iveta 2017-04-18 16:57:20

Vai varēs iegādāties arī stādus?

(Latviski) Pavasara lauku diena 2017

Sintija 2017-01-27 12:30:17

Tiešām noderīgs izdevums. Ļoti ceru ka būs vēl un būs iespēja arī abonēt.

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Development of a technology transfer centre for fruit production
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