Seminars for fruit-growers in Poland

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In frame of project InnoFruit in Poland, Research Institute of Horticulture, Skierniewice organizing seminars for fruit-growers. This is posibility to increae knowledge capacity if the polish language and distance not an obstacle.

Follow up seminars:

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Plant protection for apples

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Fruit Exhibition in Autumn

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Berry day 2017

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(Latviski) Ieskats Pavasara laukudienā 2017

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(Latviski) Dārzkopju konference 2017

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Fruit exhibition 2017

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February 16 – 19, 2017, in cooperation with Institute of Horticulture exhibition of apple and pear cultivars will take place in the Latvian Museum of Natural History, Riga. For more info please visit site of museum.

The book “Fruit-growing”

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Fruit growing is a developing branch of agriculture in Latvia with significant increase recently. It has been over 50 years since a comprehensive text book in fruit growing has been published in Latvia, including both theory and practice. This book attempts to fill in this significant gap. It is a collective work of the most experienced fruit scientists and practitioners in Latvia.

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(Latviski) LAAPC dārzu diena

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Berry day

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Strawberry day

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Spring 2016

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apmācības vainaga atjaunošanā ābelēm

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Project InnoFruit

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On 1 March 2016 the Interereg Baltic Sea Region program project „Advancement of non-technological innovation performance and innovation capacity in fruit growing and processing sector in selected Baltic Sea Region countries” (InnoFruit) has been launched.

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(Latviski) Dārza diena

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(Latviski) Aptauja

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(Latviski) VAAD piedāvā

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Gardeners Annual Conference

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Apple exhibition in Riga

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Apple Day 2014

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Field day – autumn 2014

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(Latviski) Dārzu diena z/s “Mucenieki”

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Berry day

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(Latviski) Zemeņu diena Pūrē

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Key-book of pests

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Materials of projects

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Exhibition of apple cultivars

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Recomended apple cultivars

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Apple cultivars recomeded for orchards in Latvia (in latvian) Read more

Apples of Latvia

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(Latviski) Projekta rezultāti

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Apple temptation

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(Latviski) J.Peņģerotam 150

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Fruit exhibition

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(Latviski) Kursi augļkopībā

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An Apple day

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We invaiting everyone to take part in “An Apple day”. There you can find the largest apple, some atractions, fruit (apple) market  and concerts.

See you in Dobele, October 6.

For more information, please, click here.

European Cooperation Day

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Let’s celebrate the European Cooperation Day together!

For info click here.

Field day – autumn 2012

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At the space and orchard of Latvia State Institute of Fruit-Growing the field day for fruit growrs will be organized in September 7, 2012.

Article in journal

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A day of cherries flowering

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(Latviski) Par mums raksta

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The final conference of project: date: February 28, place: Driksas iela 9 (hall of cafe “Silva” 2.floor), Jelgava, Latvia.

Registration: 10.00 -11.00. Begining 11.00.

In program (see also annex):

- situation characterisation of  fruit growing and science in Latvia and Lithuania;

- review of project activiets;

- expierence of project target groups;

- presentation of project created tools for producers and customers (books, booklets and leaflets, video etc.);

- discussions.

Participating in conference is limited. For this reason, please, call  +37125618751 or write to e-mail:

Fruit exhibition in the Natural History Museum of Latvia

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An Apple day in Dobele

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In November 26, in centre of Dobele, exhibitiona and degustation of apple cultivars, different activities for visitors, also for children. Begining of apple festival at 10.00. At the end of day (18.00) concert of folk dance groups. Entrance to concert – one apple.

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(Latviski) Mums jautā!

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(Latviski) Vecauce 2011

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Latvia – Lithuania: Achievements 2011

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About event information available here.

Fruit growers of Latvia in Lithuania

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Riga Food 2011

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Field day in Dobele

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Lithuanian fruit growers acquired in Latvia

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Article about acquired in Latvia available here.

Study trip to Latvia

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Field day

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Seminar for berries growers

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Seminar for fruit-growers „Growing technologies, cultivars and experience of berries (currants and raspberries)” will be organized on July 29, at 11.00 o’clock at Latvia State Institute of Fruit growing.

The topics of seminar: raspberry and currant cultivars; the technological nuances of them; the tendencies of Ribes and Rubus growing technologies in the world (insight of „Rubus- Ribes symposium”); actualities of berry growing in Lithuania, some experiences of raspberry growing and using of „Haygrow”; viruses and budmites; etc; It will be possible to visit the orchard of Institute and to see berry cultivars, as well as consultations, discussions and experience exchange.

Preliminary agenda of seminar available here.

Cherries flowering festival

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Aftermath of field day

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Press relise

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Trainings in spring of 2011

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Articles in Fruit-growing

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Pear rust control

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Pears is a minor plant in Lithuanian commercial orchards. Pest and disease control in pear orchards is simmilar to apple. Spreading of pear rust is not large in the intensive orchards and depends mostly on vegetation conditions. It seems possible that pear rust get used to changing climate and changed intermediate plant species or even can survive in host plant (pear).

It is important to mentioned that not all chemical protection means used for scab control are effective for pear rust. Candit and mixtures of Score and Efector or Score and Mancoceb are the most effective.

Early spray by cuprum chemicals at the begining of vegetation – before flowering time  is very important in orderr to control pear rust. After flowering at least two applications of Candit and mixtures of Score and Efector or Score and Mancoceb are recomended.

New and perspective cultivars

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ENG Gan ražošanā, gan arī piemājas dārzos un mazdārziņos var būt interesantas jaunas ābeļe šķirnes ‘Gita‘ un ‘Dace‘, aveņu šķirnes ar lielām ogām ‘Lina‘ un ‘Ina‘, kā arī ērkšķogu šķirne ‘Rita‘ – praktiski bez ērkšķiem  un lielām ogām, un upeņu šķirne ‘Karina‘ – labu slimībizturību un lielām ogām.

Abi gamybos ir soduose ir paskirstymas gali būti įdomus naujas obuolių veislės “Gita ” ir ” Dace“, aviečių veislių su dideliu uogos “Lina“  ir  “Ina“, taip pat agrastų veislės “Rita” – praktiškai be erškėčių ir didelis uogos , ir juodųjų serbentų veislės “Karina “- geras atsparumas ligoms ir didelis uogų.

Raspberries for consumption

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Riga Food 2010

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Latvia State Institute of Fruit-growing will participate in international excebition Riga Food 2010 with stand to introduce consumers, producers with some cultivars of different fruits, products, give consultations.

(Latviski) Apmācības (laukudiena)

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Training (Field day) in September 3, at 10.00 a.m.

Practical training of fruit tree canopy

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In August the practical training will be provided about canopy training of cherry and apple trees:

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Seminar about cherries

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