The book “Fruit-growing”

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Fruit growing is a developing branch of agriculture in Latvia with significant increase recently. It has been over 50 years since a comprehensive text book in fruit growing has been published in Latvia, including both theory and practice. This book attempts to fill in this significant gap. It is a collective work of the most experienced fruit scientists and practitioners in Latvia.

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Article in journal

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Lithuanian fruit growers acquired in Latvia

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Article about acquired in Latvia available here.

Articles in Fruit-growing

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Pear rust control

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Pears is a minor plant in Lithuanian commercial orchards. Pest and disease control in pear orchards is simmilar to apple. Spreading of pear rust is not large in the intensive orchards and depends mostly on vegetation conditions. It seems possible that pear rust get used to changing climate and changed intermediate plant species or even can survive in host plant (pear).

It is important to mentioned that not all chemical protection means used for scab control are effective for pear rust. Candit and mixtures of Score and Efector or Score and Mancoceb are the most effective.

Early spray by cuprum chemicals at the begining of vegetation – before flowering time  is very important in orderr to control pear rust. After flowering at least two applications of Candit and mixtures of Score and Efector or Score and Mancoceb are recomended.

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