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In Latvia- late, in Poland - medium

Fruits: medium to large, broad conical, with medium ribbing at calyx, dark red, ground colour yellow or greenish yellow. At harvest ground colour green, over-colour brownish. Without thinning fruits may be below medium size.

Harvest with ‘Spartan’, in LV - 1st half of October.

Stores 6...7 months or longer. Eating maturity (Latvia) - after 2...3 months common storage.


Short, medium thick.

Stalk cavity : medium to deep, wide; russet medium.


Open or semi-open, medium size.

Eye basin : medium deep, wide.


Firm, crisp, juicy.

Brix : at harvest 12.5 %, at eating maturity 13-14 %

Flavour : subacid, good, aroma weak

Firmness : at harvest 8.4 kg/cm2, at eating maturity 6-7 kg/cm2

Seed locules : closed or semi-open

Titrable acids : at eating maturity 0.5-0.7 %

Total polyphenols : 170 mg/100g

About the cultivar

Origin: Latvia, cross by R.Dumbravs (‘Iedzenu’ × ‘Liberty’), breeders’ rights (LV) – Institute of Horticulture (Dobele), 2018

Use : dessert

Tree : vigorous, with a tendency to bare wood

Winter-hardiness : in Latvia medium

Disease tolerance : resistant to scab (Vf/Rvi6), fruit rots

Type of production : productive, medium regular