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In Latvia - early

Fruits large or very large, oblong conical or elliptic, dark red with bloom, ground colour almost invisible, greenish yellow or pale yellow. Fully mature fruits without bloom. Skin firm.

Harvest gradual, in Latvia - beginning with mid-August.

Stores 1...3 months.


Short, thick or medium thick.

Stalk cavity : medium deep, narrow, russet weak.


Closed, medium size.

Eye basin : shallow, medium wide.


Cream yellow, under skin pinkish, rather firm, crisp, juicy.

Brix : 11...12 %

Flavour : subacid, good.

Firmness : 5...7 kg/cm2

Seed locules : closed or slightly open.

Titrable acids : 0.5-0.6 %

About the cultivar

Origin: Latvia, cross by R.Dumbravs (BM414197 × ‘Eksotika’), breeders’ rights (Latvia) – Institute of Horticulture, LatHort (Dobele), 2012.

Use : dessert

Tree : medium vigour, upright spreading, branching rather low; regular heading back of end shoots is necessary.

Winterhardiness : good

Disease tolerance : resistant to scab (Vf/Rvi6), good tolerance to other diseases.

Type of production : medium productive, biennial