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In Latvia - midseason to late

Fruits medium or large (70...80 mm), globose conical or ovate, smooth, over-colour orange red, ground colour yellow.

Harvest: about the same time as ‘Lobo’, in Latvia – beginning of October. Some fruits may develop premature colour.

Stores 4...5 months in common storage.


Medium long or long, medium thick.

Stalk cavity : medium deep or shallow, medium wide; russet weak.


Semi-open, sepals medium to long.

Eye basin : shallow or medium deep, medium wide


yellowish, pink under skin, rather firm, crisp, juicy.

Brix : 12...14 %

Flavour : subacid, at harvest with dominance of acid, later good.

Firmness : 5.5...7.5 kg/cm²

Seed locules : semi-open

Titrable acids : 0.5...0.8 %

About the cultivar

Origin: Latvia, cross by R.Dumbravs (‘Latkrimson’ x BM414197), breeders’ rights (Latvia) – Institute of Horticulture (Dobele), 2012.

Use : dessert

Tree : medium vigour, with a tendency to bare wood.

Winterhardiness : in Latvia medium.

Disease tolerance : resistant to scab (Vf/Rvi6), susceptible to superficial scald during storage.

Type of production : medium productive, regular, fruit thinning not recommended; most fruits on older wood.