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In Latvia – midseason

Fruits large or very large (70...100 mm), globose conical, smooth, over-colour medium red, with large greyish dots and strong bloom, ground colour pale yellow.

Harvest about 1.5 weeks before ‘Lobo’, in Latvia - 2nd half of September. Mature fruits do not drop, with delayed harvest may become mealy on tree.

Stores 3...5 months in common storage.


Medium long, medium thick or thick.

Stalk cavity : deep or medium deep, narrow or medium wide; russet none or weak.


Semi-open, sepals long.

Eye basin : medium deep, wide or medium wide.


cream, firm, juicy.

Brix : 11...14 %

Flavour : subacid to sweet, very good.

Firmness : 6...8 kg/cm²

Seed locules : semi-open

Titrable acids : 0.5 ...0.8 %

About the cultivar

Origin: Latvia, cross by R.Dumbravs (BM414197 × ‘Eksotika’), breeders’ rights (Latvia) – Institute of Horticulture (Dobele), 2012.

Use : dessert

Tree : medium or smaller, easy in training, branching good; to obtain good crown, fruits must be removed in first 1-2 years on trees with weaker new growth.

Tolerance : resistant to scab (Vf/Rvi6), medium to fruit rot; not resistant to mildew. Ofter damaged by codling moth.

Winterhardiness : good, but may suffer in winters with fluctuating temperatures.

Type of production : very early, good and regular; little need for fruit thinning.