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In Lithuania – summer cultivar.

Fruits - large or very large (200 g), globose conical. Skin groung colour yellowish white, over-colour blushed red, with bright red stripes and pale small and medium lenticels.

Harvest: the end of August.

Stores 3 months in cool storage.


short, thick or medium thick

Stalk cavity : deep, medium wide; often not regular funnel shape, covered with greenish brown russet


semi-open or close

Sepals : wide, greenish, hairy

Eye basin : medium deep, wide or medium wide, ribbed


white, soft, juicy

Brix : 9.6 %

Seeds : medium large, acute

Flavour : subacid, very good

Firmness : 60 N/cm²

Seed locules : open, wide or medium wide

Skin firmness : 305 N/cm²

Titrable acids : 0.58 %

About the cultivar

Origin: Lithuania. Breeders: B. Gelvonauskis, D. Gelvonauskienė, A. Sasnauskas.

Cross combination: ‘Red Free’ × ‘Sylvia’.

Owner – Lithuanian Research Centre for Agriculture and Forestry, Institute of Horticulture (Babtai), 2018.

Use : dessert

Tree : medium vigorous, suitable to grow on roostock B.396, P60

Ražošanas tips : early, productive, fruiting every year

Winter hardiness : good in Lithuania

Resistance to diseases : resistant to scab (Vf/Rvi6), apple blotch. Suitable for organic orchards.