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In Lithuania – early winter cultivar.

Fruits medium large (128 g), globose cylindrical. Skin glossy, waxy, covered with bright red, during ripening becomes dark red. Lenticels pale, small. Fruits get color also in crown shade.

Harvest: the I decade of September.

Stores 4 months in cool storage.


long or medium long, medium thick

Stalk cavity : deep, narrow, regular funnel shape, russeted


close or semi open

Sepals : medium wide, greenish

Eye basin : medium deep, wide, ribbed


yellowish, juicy, crisp

Brix : 12.5%

Seeds : medium large, acute

Flavour : acid sweet, very goodin Lithuania, only medium in Latvia

Firmness : 59 N/cm²

Seed locules : open, medium wide

Skin firmness : 191 N/cm²

Titrable acids : 0.5 %

About the cultivar

Origin: Lithuania. Breeders: B. Gelvonauskis, D. Gelvonauskienė, A. Sasnauskas.

Cross combination: ‘Katja’ × ‘Prima’.

Owner – Lithuanian Research Centre for Agriculture and Forestry, Institute of Horticulture (Babtai), 2013.

Use : dessert

Tree : medium vigorous, suitable to grow on roostocks MM.106, B.118, B.396, P 14, M.26, P 60, M.9.

Winter hardiness : good in Lithuania

Type of production : early, productive, annual bearing

Resistance to diseases : resistant to scab (Vf/Rvi6), apple blotch. Suitable for organic gardening.