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Productive cultivar with good dessert quality fruits. Bud burst, flowering and fruit ripening time medium.


Size: large (average 1.2 g)

Shape : Round

Colour : Black

Flavour : Sweet with slight acid, good

Glossiness : Medium

Skin thickness : Medium

Fruit trusses

Lenght: Short or medium long

Density : Amount of fruits per truss - medium

Separation from the truss : Separates well

Fruit biochemical value and use

Brix: 14.2-14.6 %

Use : For fresh consumption and processing

Phenols : 353 mg/100 g

Vitamin C : 153 mg/100 g

Anthocyanins : 188 mg/100 g

About the cultivar

Breed in Lithuania by crossing ‘Minai Shmiryev’ × ‘Öjebyn’.

Bush : Vigorous, rather wide, relatively compact.

Winterhardiness : Good

Mechanical harvest : Medium adaptability

Resistance to pests : Good resistance to bud mite.

Resistance to diseases : Good resistance to diseases