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Ripening time: early. from III decade of June till I decade of July in LV.

Fruit size: medium or large.

Fruit shape: cordate.

Skin color: yellow.

Fruit firmness: medium firm, fruit cracking occurs in rainy weather.

Taste: sweet, mild, very pleasant.


The length is medium (40 mm).


Circular, in medium size.


Fruit flesh color: cream.

About the cultivar

Originated in Latvia, Dobele, it is seedling from ‘Krupnoplodnaya’ in free pollination. Initial name of selection was SR 9-3-1.

Registered in LV in 2011, protected in LV.

Use : fresh fruits for dessert, in processing - for sweetening of juice.

Tree : medium vigor, well shaped piramidial crown, medium dense canopy with wide branching angles.

Winterhardiness : of tree and flower buds is good in LV.

Resistance to diseases : tolerant to most of diseases.