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Ripening time: late (about 20 days after ‘Burlat’, VI/VII cherry week), generally in III th decade of July in PL.

Fruit size: large, 8,0 -9,0 g

Fruit shape: heart-shaped, elongate.

Skin color: dark red on over ripen fruits –black.

Fruit firmness: very high, fruit flesh is firm and crispy.

Taste: sweet-acid, with flavor, very tasty.


The length is medium.


Medium size, oval or elongate.


Fruit flesh color: dark red.

About the cultivar

It is spontaneous seedling obtained in Czech Republic. It has been in production since 1981. 

Registered in Poland since 1990.

Use : fresh fruits, for dessert.

Tree : is very vigorous, it forms a rather dense canopy with a medium strong structure.

Winterhardiness : in PL and in LV - rather low for trees and flower buds.

Resistance to diseases : tolerant to most of cherry diseases.