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Experts of project InnoFruit and fruit-growers in Latvia

On 20-24 August 2018, a study visit of experts and fruit farmers from Poland to Lithuania and Latvia took place. In the group of over 40 people there were employees of the Institute of Horticulture in Skierniewice, fruit tree growers, berry plant growers, nurserymen, as well as employees of agricultural advisory centers, journalists of horticulture magazines and representatives of companies working for gardening. The trip program included visiting farms producing and processing fruits and the experimental bases of science institutes in Babtai and Dobele. The guests from Poland were very interested in growing fruit plants technologies used in Lithuania and Latvia, and they appreciated the level of experience and research carried out in the institutes in Babtai and Dobele. The participants of the study visit trip were particularly interested in little-known species of fruit plants, such as: sea buckthorn, Japanese quince and cranberry, whose cultivation is dynamically developing in Lithuania and Latvia. They were full of admiration for the assortment of products and products made from these fruits. Study trip to Lithuania and Latvia was extremely useful and certainly its results will be visible in the future, because many Polish fruit growers are already considering the establishment of plantations with the cultivation of these species.

Submitted on: 17/09/2018