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Apple in the World

Once every two years in Bolzano (Italy), an international “Interpoma” event takes place, where everything is about apples. Already, the eleventh such event, which took place on Nov. 15-17, brought together thousands of visitors and hundreds of attendees of the exhibition. For more information on this measure, please visit “Interpoma 2018”.

The international event covers not only the exhibition, but also the congress, various tours, etc., all related to apples.

The following topics were covered by Congress (reports in English, German, etc.):

– trends in Eastern Europe and Asia (“Apple giant” Poland and the Russian embargo; Apple growing in Eastern Europe and Asia; China: competitor or possibility in the international apple market; Apples in India, etc.);

- innovation for varieties, apple genome and apple forest in Kazahiya (Varietal Trends, Innovation; Apple genome; Biotechnology Opportunities for apple breeding; etc.);

- sustainable apple production (Biological apples in Europe; EUFRUIT project and knowledge platform; Integrated apple production - project report; Biodiversity, etc.)

- future technologies for apple production (Trends in canopy training; Apple architecture; Precision farming; etc.).

Submitted on: 09/01/2019